Propane Safety: Commercial Safety

Propane Safety Rules

Propane must be kept away from open flames and ignition sources

Container refilling should only be done by a qualified technician


Familiarize yourself with the location of your storage tank’s vapor service shutoff valve

Leave installation or repair of appliances or equipment to a qualified technician

If you suspect a leak, call Van Dyke Gas Co. immediately for proper testing


Tamper with your system’s supply lines or appliances

Tamper with any safety devices, regulators or storage tank fittings

Test for a propane leak using an open flame

If a Propane Leak Occurs:

If there is a propane leak, propane will always gather at the lowest point since propane vapor is heavier than air.


Shut off the storage tank’s service valve

Eliminate all possible outside sources of ignition

EXIT the building immediately and call 911 from a safe location (e.i. building across the street)

After calling 911, call Van Dyke Gas Co.


Turn on any light switches or use a cell phone or any other electrically operated communications device

Test for a leak yourself