Fueling Your Forklifts

Forklifts are an essential element of jobs in plants, commercial worksites, warehouses, distribution centers and many other applications. Did you know that many forklifts can be powered by propane? Propane forklifts have low emissions and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use – making your business more efficient and profitable.

Propane forklifts offer consistent power at an affordable price, and they allow for better speed and run longer than other energy sources. Our job is to keep your propane forklifts running smoothly. We’re proud to offer our cylinder exchange program, the safest forklift cylinder delivery method on the market.


Cylinder Exchange vs. On-Site Refill

With our cylinder exchange program, you depend on safety. We take care of the cylinder refills at our facilities, in a carefully controlled environment. We inspect our cylinders every day and perform repairs or replacements as-needed. We fill by weight, which greatly reduces the risk of gas release due to volume expansion.

It has been reported that on-site fills potentially pose an increased risk of forklift malfunction caused by sediments from filling off the bobtail. In addition, on-site refills can release propane into the air each time a cylinder is filled. By exchanging cylinders, we ensure our customers and our employees always remain safe on the job.

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