Delivery Options

Commercial Propane Delivery Options

At Van Dyke Gas, we understand how important it is to keep commercial projects on time and on budget – and we know our customers depend on us for reliable propane delivery services. We work closely with our commercial customers to customize a propane delivery schedule that keeps their businesses running smoothly. Our plan is to understand your needs and be your partner in business to assure that you never run out of gas. New to commercial propane? Van Dyke Gas can help with tank or cylinder configuration to fit your business needs. We’ll get you set up with a system that makes sense for your business.

We offer several propane delivery options to our commercial customers.

If you use propane at a pretty regular rate, scheduled delivery may be a smart option for your business. Choose the interval that works best for you: monthly, bi-weekly, daily or a custom rate that makes sense for your business and fuel use.
Will Call
You are responsible for keeping an eye on your tanks and usage. When you tap the last tank, give us a call, and we’ll schedule a refill delivery. Please allow up to five (5) business days for the delivery to be completed.
Monitored (for Wholesale Resellers)
We’ll monitor your tanks and keep an eye on your fuel usage. When you need more propane, we’ll be there without missing a beat.