Autogas – a Cleaner-burning Fuel Source

Propane autogas is a cleaner-burning fuel source for your vehicle. Many people are making the switch to propane-powered cars, heavy trucks, buses and fleet vehicles because propane reduces greenhouse gases and produces far fewer emissions than other fuels.

Van Dyke Gas has provided propane autogas, a green fuel, to many school districts in Michigan since 1967, helping decrease carbon footprints, decrease operational costs and minimize environmental impacts. We run our own vehicles on propane, too.

With propane autogas you can:

  • Save big on fuel costs (autogas costs less than gasoline and diesel)
  • Reduce emissions
  • Extend the life of vehicles
  • Enjoy fewer maintenance costs
  • Use American-made fuel (98% of autogas is made in the U.S.)

You can also learn more about the tax credits, rebates and savings, visit the website.