Five Perks of Propane

Propane has been one of United States’ (U.S.) primary sources of energy for over a century. Why do so many people choose to power their homes and businesses with propane? There are a few distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other energy alternatives, such as electricity, natural gas and other fuels. Here are five perks of propane:

1. It’s efficient
Most appliances in your home that can be run on natural gas or electricity can be run on propane, but generally at a more efficient and economical rate. Propane contains more energy than natural gas per cubic foot, and listed fuel prices from the U.S. Department of Energy show that electricity costs double what propane costs. When it comes to heating your home, a high-efficiency propane furnace is a great way to maintain reliable heat without breaking the bank. Propane systems also have a longer life span than other options, making them an efficient long-term choice.

2. It’s highly versatile
Propane has the ability to power countless aspects of your life. From keeping your home and business warm and cozy year-round, to lighting up your grill for dinner, to providing the warm water you need for bath time at the end of the day, propane is a one-stop-shop for the energy you need every day. Plus, its use has grown in vehicles and machinery, too, as a greener alternative to diesel and gasoline.

3. It’s available and ready to go
Propane is abundant and available, right here in the U.S. The U.S. is the number one producer of propane on the planet, making more than enough propane to power our country’s needs. Since it can be stored in liquid form, propane can be transported to rural locations with more ease than other power options.

4. It’s clean
Propane is one of the greenest power sources available, and substituting this resource for other fuels, such as fuel oil and gasoline, is a great step toward cleaner air because it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. Efficient, cost effective and clean? Who wouldn’t want that? Check out our Clean and Green page for more information on this topic.

5. It’s safe
When used properly, propane is an extremely safe way to fulfill your power needs, in your home and beyond. Van Dyke Gas is committed to the safety of our customers and our staff, so we comply with all ordinances and regulations throughout our operations. The best way to maintain safety with propane is by understanding your system. Visit our Safety page to gain important propane safety knowledge.