About Van Dyke Gas

At Van Dyke Gas Co., our customers can count on our local company to provide safe and reliable energy. We would be happy for you to join our Propane family.

Van Dyke Gas Co. is a family owned and operated business that has been providing you with safe and reliable service for over 50 years. Center Line, Michigan is our original location, serving commercial and industrial customers. As our business expanded, we opened our second location in Romeo, Michigan to serve our residential customers.

Commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Michigan’s East Side benefit from the way we provide propane.

Our Company

Van Dyke Gas Co. has been a family owned and operated company for over 50 years. Everything you do runs on propane, from home heating to forklifts to crop drying. We are happy to provide you with propane for all of your energy needs. Our prompt refill service makes sure you never run out of gas.

All of our employees are home grown, having been born and raised in the area. We play and work in the area we serve. Our customers will always enjoy friendly, dedicated employees. We offer convenient pricing plans to keep your energy bills manageable. Our dedicated employees and dependable service cannot be matched.

We are a big supporter of our community. We are always a sponsor for the Armeda Fair. And, we continuously make donations to various fund raiser opportunities. Not only do we support the community, but we make sure our employees are taken care of.

Look for us to be featured in the Michigan Propane Gas Association Magazine about converting busses to propane.